Question by Marcus: Where to find Chicago style hot dog relish in Tampa Bay area, FL?
My mom has been craving Chicago style relish since we went last year, Is there a local marketplace in the Tampa- St. Petersburg- Clearwater area where she can purchase Chicago style relish? Weve checked all local markets in Clearwater, Safety Harbor and Duniden but were unable to find any. Any help would be appreciated.

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Answer by Prairie Girl
I used to live in Chicago and they use Rolf’s brand relish that may not be available in Tampa Bay, but any sweet relish should do as well, it just won’t be bright green. It’s really the combo of all the ingredients that make a Chicago Dog taste good. I found this “recipe” and thought maybe your Mom would enjoy seeing it.

Creating Your Chicago Dog – Some Assembly Required
Now that you have gathered all of the ingredients and heated your Hot Dog(s), the time has come to create your Chicago Dog. The toppings are just as important as the order they are applied to the Hot Dog. The goal is to evenly distribute the toppings so you get a taste of each ingredient with every bite. Remember, dress the Dog and not the bun! Start out by placing your heated Hot Dog on the bun and add the toppings in the following order:

Yellow Mustard – Squirt the mustard directly on the Dog from one end to the other. We personally enjoy a zigzag pattern.
Bright Green Relish – Add a generous amount of sweet relish.
Fresh Chopped Onions – Place onions on top of the Dog. The amount depends on your personal taste.
Two Tomato Wedges – The tomatoes should be placed along the crevice between the top of the bun and the Hot Dog.
Pickle Spear or Slice – The pickle should be placed in the crevice between the bottom of the bun and the Hot Dog.
Two Sport Peppers – Traditionally 2 sport peppers are added on top of a Chicago Dog, but the sport pepper is often considered an optional topping. Once again, personal tastes play a role.
Celery Salt – Sprinkle a dash of celery salt over the Dog.

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Posted on Oct 29, 2013


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